My Photography Studio is Going Back Online

Today I am proud to announce that my photography studio is going back online. This means this site is going back online. As you are aware I am passionate about my work in the field of photography – and I apologise for letting my site lapse.

As I put the site back online you can expect to see lots of great content from me in all fields – as you know I have done photography at the Sydney Opera House and I enjoyed creating these photographs – and I am also very grateful for the accolades I have received. However the greatest achievement has been to share my work with the world – and now with the digital world I am able to share my physical photo film online.

You will be able to find my social media channels added on here soon – where I will add photos to my Instagram, Flickr and other social media channels – this will not only include my finished products but also work that I am working on at the moment – to get feedback from you guys.

Photography is an art – and I hope to showcase it here on my website – as I do you will also find that I am a big fan of other photographers and there are many that I look up to. If you think about it – even the big directors are somewhat photographers – as they have the skills to be able to create amazing content and they have to deal with many of the same challenges that people in my profession have to deal with – including composition, lighting and framing.

So I will be updating this blog with my thoughts on various photographers and their works.

Hope you enjoy the rest of my content as I put it up – I would love to hear people’s thoughts on what type of content they would be looking to see online and I hope that I can bring joy to your lives – and inspire any budding photographers to create art that strikes at their passion and allows them to utilise their potential in creating amazing content that lasts a lifetime.

In order for me to setup my photography studio Рyou would be surprised but I actually had to go through some zoning restrictions Рthis is all taken care of now thanks to Sten Lawyers. Thank you guys!

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