Corporate Photos and the Challenge of the New Digital Medium

In the past taking corporate photos was easy because in the end it was very corporate so to say. These days however there is more of a requires ton making photos that are more creative and fun. This has brought with it the challenges of social media and other online channels which allow viewers to distract themselves from these photos with other distractions such as cat videos.

So these days companies want to seem fresh, vibrant and fu and rightfully so. So in order to do this we have to ask ourselves how we can incorporate the photographic culture that we have all known and make it into something that will grab user’s attention.

of course the first thing people will say is to use YouTube and video – video is very engaging and these days can be attached on any social network as they allow in streaming through Facebook with the embed (unlike audio files that can’t be embedded).

However let’s not forget that the most liked photograph and in fact any media device on the internet right now is a simple photo of an egg.

Which means that photos – when done right are extremely powerful and can still carry a strong message. The question though is – how can we create engaging photographs that people will gravitate towards – especially when companies may feel that their business isn’t really that exciting.

Well let me tell you that many times the things that you may not find exciting will be very exciting for other people. For example – just think of the millions of views that YouTube videos get for the production of the most simple everyday household objects – people are curious and want to see how others live.

Photography can do this in a number of ways. One of the most important ways it can do this is by showing the staff and their interactions withe each other – and the news about each staff member’s life and how it affects them. This is a great way to start – and should be required for all companies.

These days everyone has an iPhone and they should be updating how their workplace is going and what is new.

The other way to use photography is for products and how those products are used as well as the development process behind those products. This is another thing that is very useful. Make sure to get plenty of photos and you can use the best on your website and the rest on your social media channels.

Good luck with finding ways to photograph your corporate culture – and should you have an event feel free to reach out to me on the contact form and I will be glad to come in and take beautiful photographs for any media related requirements.

But photography is not a one man sport – instead it takes a whole team of people to be able to put it together in a way that will ensure that everyone is happy. That is why I am glad to work with a company that organises a lot of my shoots by bringing a lot of people together on behalf of big corporations.

Recently – working with companies that do white collar crime lawyers sydney solutions – I’ve realised that it’s not just about getting the best photo – but also working with companies that are helping to create a crime free future.

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