How to take Before and After Photos

When it comes to taking before and after photos – especially in the health niche – lighting is everything. It is a challenge because on one hand you want to be in a situation where the photos show a realistic portrayal of what can happen before and after using a company’s product for a certain period of time – however many times the corporation would want the final results to be seen in the best light.

This is where before and after photography comes in – it is very popular and while many times a lot of people will take before and after photos for themselves – in a company like SilkWood Medical – they take professional photographs – and a lot of times they will need me to setup a lighting system and workflow to take photos.

When it comes to taking before photos – a good idea which is technically not morally wrong but can be seen as questionable is to have the person NOT smile in the before photo – and then smile in the after photo. Subconsciously the person looking at the results will see the after photo as much more attractive – and this branding of happiness can be transferred on to the product.

One suggestion I always have is to shoot with a lot of light – and perhaps dim the lights on the before photo. You want to ensure that the before photo does not look the best. This is the best outcome – don’t be afraid of having some darkness. It also makes sense if you shoot in different locations – for example you may shoot the before photo in the clinic and the after photo outside – perhaps for logistical reasons this is not morally wrong – and it can make your after photos look much better.

But keep in mind to always make sure you have the highest quality equipment available – and don’t have anything outside the photo to distract the viewer – the photo should be as close up as possible.

If you follow this advice you should be able to be in a position where your before and after photos look perfect and your product will be seen in the best possible light – literally.

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