Do photos from war zones make a big difference in this day and age of distraction?

Photojournalism has been a part of wars that have been fought following 1930s. They express the ongoing situation of ground zero and related matters. This arouses public emotions regarding the war, and they can express their viewpoint.

Historically, U.S withdrew troops from Vietnam, and public unrest regarding the war in the United States was one of the reasons for the same.

Sensitivity towards the photographs is no longer what it used to be, and things have changed. With the dawn of the digital era, people keep checking out photographs over Instagram and Facebook. The play games like Modern Warfare: Call of Duty which is based upon war.

TV series like M.A.S.H seek an element of humor in war times. Guns are a part of all sci-fi thrillers. Bomber jackets and camouflage jumpers are sold extensively. War movies have an element of glamour in them. Top Gun used to be a Hollywood blockbuster. It was about love and war. War literature is also very common. It is available as e-books as well.

Catch-22 was one of the finest novels about war. It made people relaxed about situations such as war. People have an inherent notion that war won’t affect them. Even photographs don’t have an effect on them.

Photos, by themselves do not work as well as they used to. Access to information is now handy. By logging on to Google News, one finds all the news in the world that one may be looking for. TV keeps the people aware. The numbers of news channels nowadays available are abundant. If one wants to know about war, one can see the channel that delivers live news about the war.

On TV, documentaries are very often shown regarding wars of the past. Hence, photos fail to amuse people. They have a minimum impact on the mind.

Keeping aware about war situations is important. Digital era has made photojournalism more prominent to an extent. Digital cameras make it easy to click and send photographs. One can find an entire repository of war photographs over the internet.

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