Clicking images of people on the streets may result in unprecedented outcomes. People are often apprehensive about going ahead with the activity.

People sometimes have an emotional response regarding photographing strangers, or being observed by strangers while they photograph someone. In a number of cases, photographers are not well informed about their rights or responsibilities are regarding photographing strangers in public. Let us take a look at a short introduction about general standards of street photography in the United States.

Photographing a person in public view, including law enforcement officials and children does not require an expressed consent or a model release. While this is the generic rule, some exceptions may be made to the same, on the grounds of the individual’s expectation of privacy which is reasonable. It is hence important for a photographer to put his common sense to use. Shooting into a bedroom or a bathroom window makes one cross the ethical line and may have legal repercussions.

If someone does not want to be photographed, practicing your legal right may result in verbal abuse or a physical altercation. It may then not be worth. It is hence important to be considerate of the subjects.

It is then okay to photograph people on their private property, while they are in public view. Guardian consent is not required to photograph children.

Places like shopping malls and airplanes may not be considered public. Photographing people over there must be done with owner’s consent. One may have to comply with the owner’s wishes to stop photography or vacate the premises. Similarly for security or privacy reasons, military bases, museums, and crime scenes may be beyond photographer’s reach, even while they are public properties. It is hence better to ask permission before getting started with photography.

It may be possible that photography equipment like tripods may not be permitted at places where a number of people pass by, such as sidewalks. If your equipment disrupts traffic or becomes a safety hazard, a permit may be required to go ahead with photography. One may choose to check the regulations at high traffic places before going to photograph over there.

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Photojournalism has been a part of wars that have been fought following 1930s. They express the ongoing situation of ground zero and related matters. This arouses public emotions regarding the war, and they can express their viewpoint.

Historically, U.S withdrew troops from Vietnam, and public unrest regarding the war in the United States was one of the reasons for the same.

Sensitivity towards the photographs is no longer what it used to be, and things have changed. With the dawn of the digital era, people keep checking out photographs over Instagram and Facebook. The play games like Modern Warfare: Call of Duty which is based upon war.

TV series like M.A.S.H seek an element of humor in war times. Guns are a part of all sci-fi thrillers. Bomber jackets and camouflage jumpers are sold extensively. War movies have an element of glamour in them. Top Gun used to be a Hollywood blockbuster. It was about love and war. War literature is also very common. It is available as e-books as well.

Catch-22 was one of the finest novels about war. It made people relaxed about situations such as war. People have an inherent notion that war won’t affect them. Even photographs don’t have an effect on them.

Photos, by themselves do not work as well as they used to. Access to information is now handy. By logging on to Google News, one finds all the news in the world that one may be looking for. TV keeps the people aware. The numbers of news channels nowadays available are abundant. If one wants to know about war, one can see the channel that delivers live news about the war.

On TV, documentaries are very often shown regarding wars of the past. Hence, photos fail to amuse people. They have a minimum impact on the mind.

Keeping aware about war situations is important. Digital era has made photojournalism more prominent to an extent. Digital cameras make it easy to click and send photographs. One can find an entire repository of war photographs over the internet.

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When it comes to taking before and after photos – especially in the health niche – lighting is everything. It is a challenge because on one hand you want to be in a situation where the photos show a realistic portrayal of what can happen before and after using a company’s product for a certain period of time – however many times the corporation would want the final results to be seen in the best light.

This is where before and after photography comes in – it is very popular and while many times a lot of people will take before and after photos for themselves – in a company like SilkWood Medical – they take professional photographs – and a lot of times they will need me to setup a lighting system and workflow to take photos.

When it comes to taking before photos – a good idea which is technically not morally wrong but can be seen as questionable is to have the person NOT smile in the before photo – and then smile in the after photo. Subconsciously the person looking at the results will see the after photo as much more attractive – and this branding of happiness can be transferred on to the product.

One suggestion I always have is to shoot with a lot of light – and perhaps dim the lights on the before photo. You want to ensure that the before photo does not look the best. This is the best outcome – don’t be afraid of having some darkness. It also makes sense if you shoot in different locations – for example you may shoot the before photo in the clinic and the after photo outside – perhaps for logistical reasons this is not morally wrong – and it can make your after photos look much better.

But keep in mind to always make sure you have the highest quality equipment available – and don’t have anything outside the photo to distract the viewer – the photo should be as close up as possible.

If you follow this advice you should be able to be in a position where your before and after photos look perfect and your product will be seen in the best possible light – literally.

In the past taking corporate photos was easy because in the end it was very corporate so to say. These days however there is more of a requires ton making photos that are more creative and fun. This has brought with it the challenges of social media and other online channels which allow viewers to distract themselves from these photos with other distractions such as cat videos.

So these days companies want to seem fresh, vibrant and fu and rightfully so. So in order to do this we have to ask ourselves how we can incorporate the photographic culture that we have all known and make it into something that will grab user’s attention.

of course the first thing people will say is to use YouTube and video – video is very engaging and these days can be attached on any social network as they allow in streaming through Facebook with the embed (unlike audio files that can’t be embedded).

However let’s not forget that the most liked photograph and in fact any media device on the internet right now is a simple photo of an egg.

Which means that photos – when done right are extremely powerful and can still carry a strong message. The question though is – how can we create engaging photographs that people will gravitate towards – especially when companies may feel that their business isn’t really that exciting.

Well let me tell you that many times the things that you may not find exciting will be very exciting for other people. For example – just think of the millions of views that YouTube videos get for the production of the most simple everyday household objects – people are curious and want to see how others live.

Photography can do this in a number of ways. One of the most important ways it can do this is by showing the staff and their interactions withe each other – and the news about each staff member’s life and how it affects them. This is a great way to start – and should be required for all companies.

These days everyone has an iPhone and they should be updating how their workplace is going and what is new.

The other way to use photography is for products and how those products are used as well as the development process behind those products. This is another thing that is very useful. Make sure to get plenty of photos and you can use the best on your website and the rest on your social media channels.

Good luck with finding ways to photograph your corporate culture – and should you have an event feel free to reach out to me on the contact form and I will be glad to come in and take beautiful photographs for any media related requirements.

But photography is not a one man sport – instead it takes a whole team of people to be able to put it together in a way that will ensure that everyone is happy. That is why I am glad to work with a company that organises a lot of my shoots by bringing a lot of people together on behalf of big corporations.

Recently – working with companies that do white collar crime lawyers sydney solutions – I’ve realised that it’s not just about getting the best photo – but also working with companies that are helping to create a crime free future.

Today I am proud to announce that my photography studio is going back online. This means this site is going back online. As you are aware I am passionate about my work in the field of photography – and I apologise for letting my site lapse.

As I put the site back online you can expect to see lots of great content from me in all fields – as you know I have done photography at the Sydney Opera House and I enjoyed creating these photographs – and I am also very grateful for the accolades I have received. However the greatest achievement has been to share my work with the world – and now with the digital world I am able to share my physical photo film online.

You will be able to find my social media channels added on here soon – where I will add photos to my Instagram, Flickr and other social media channels – this will not only include my finished products but also work that I am working on at the moment – to get feedback from you guys.

Photography is an art – and I hope to showcase it here on my website – as I do you will also find that I am a big fan of other photographers and there are many that I look up to. If you think about it – even the big directors are somewhat photographers – as they have the skills to be able to create amazing content and they have to deal with many of the same challenges that people in my profession have to deal with – including composition, lighting and framing.

So I will be updating this blog with my thoughts on various photographers and their works.

Hope you enjoy the rest of my content as I put it up – I would love to hear people’s thoughts on what type of content they would be looking to see online and I hope that I can bring joy to your lives – and inspire any budding photographers to create art that strikes at their passion and allows them to utilise their potential in creating amazing content that lasts a lifetime.

In order for me to setup my photography studio – you would be surprised but I actually had to go through some zoning restrictions – this is all taken care of now thanks to Sten Lawyers. Thank you guys!